Sudoku Mix - Volume 1

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  • Deb Mohanty
  • Prasanna Seshadri
  • Sumit Bothra

Sudoku Types

  • Classic Sudoku
  • Odd Even Sudoku
  • Extra Region Sudoku
  • Killer Sudoku
  • Consecutive Pairs Sudoku
  • Hex Sudoku

About the book

There is an exciting world of Sudokus which are way beyond the regular computer generated Classic Sudokus. In this book, we are presenting a Sudoku Mix an exciting collection of classic + 5 other variants (Hex Sudoku; Extra Region Sudoku; Odd-Even Sudoku; Killer Sudoku & Consecutive Pairs Sudoku). These are some of the World Championship type Sudokus and we will continue to publish newer variants in the subsequent books. All sudokus are handcrafted by world class Indian authors so even the Classics will have more artistry than the average newspaper Sudoku.

There are 18 sets of 6 puzzles each and the difficulty level of the puzzles increases with each set. In fact, set 18 has actual puzzles from the various World Championships and also an LMI-exclusive National Championship, Sudoku Mahabharat 2015. It is recommended that you go through the rules of each puzzle thoroughly along with the Tips and Tricks given before starting to solve the same.


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